Schneider Engineering, PLLC is a Civil Engineering firm licensed in New York, New Jersey and Florida. The firm has a long history of providing engineering services to governmental, quasi-governmental and private clients in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York State and in other states including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Connecticut. Our fields of expertise include all facets of Civil Engineering. We are a family owned business and has been that way since our inception in 1988. We are a conscientious and focused company that uses sound engineering judgment in all of its work. This is the reason that Schneider Engineering, PLLC has been here all these decades. We care.

We are in our 31st year with an average of 51 years of experience for each of our senior professional engineering staff. No other Long Island firm can state that level of experience. Schneider Engineering, PLLC has long been recognized as an expert in the Traffic Engineering field and has been accepted as an expert by all levels of the community including county, town, village and city agencies, as well as zoning boards throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. We have also been accepted as an expert in federal, state, and county court systems. The principal, Steven Schneider, P.E., offers over 49 years of traffic engineering experience including full capabilities in traffic impact study report preparation and review, area-wide traffic analyses, complete site plan preparation and review services, roadway and traffic signal design, parking facility design, trip generation/distribution analysis, roadway construction management and inspection, public involvement capabilities, and an expert witness in traffic accident analysis and traffic accident reconstruction, which few, if any local civil engineering firms can offer. He has complete knowledge of the MUTCD, all ITE Publications (Trip Generation Manual, Parking Generation Manual), V&T Law, etc. Schneider Engineering, PLLC uses the latest technologies, including, if required, enhanced aerial imagery, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (which it uses with many towns and municipalities on Long Island) and database development.