Steven Schneider, P.E.


As principal of the firm, Mr. Schneider has 49 years of experience in the Civil Engineering field. Mr. Schneider’s experience and expertise cover engineering design services, engineering consulting and testifying as an expert witness in personal injury cases.

His skillset includes all aspects of traffic engineering, traffic accident cases (including reconstruction), intersection design, traffic signal design, roadway design and maintenance, construction accident/site safety analysis, construction and building codes, fire codes, parking lot design, industry and local standard policies and procedures, condemnation cases, site plan development, storm and sanitary sewer design, traffic impact studies and building inspections.

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Alexandra Russo

Project Engineer

Ms. Russo is a Project Engineer at Schneider Engineering, PLLC with experience in traffic engineering and forensic engineering.  Ms. Russo has knowledge of industry and local standards and policies for transportation and traffic engineering, roadway design, building design, pedestrian safety design, and infrastructure design.

She has experience with performing and reviewing traffic impact studies, zoning studies, parking studies, designing roadway improvements, designing and improving traffic signals for improved traffic flow and traffic safety, reviewing construction plans, codes and regulations, designing parking areas on and off-street, engineering analyses of traffic control devices, site line review, vehicle turning radii, and traffic flow evaluation.  Her software experience includes industry-standard software such as HCS, AutoCAD and AutoTURN.

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Robert J. Bornholdt

Senior Traffic Engineer

Mr. Bornholdt is an experienced traffic engineer with a fifty-year record of success in all phases of traffic engineering and transportation planning. His experience includes work for municipalities and public agencies including the Suffolk County Department of Public Works, where he was Director of Traffic Safety. He also worked for the Nassau County Department of Public Works.

Mr. Bornholdt also has experience working in the private sector where he was responsible for preparing, designing and supervising data collection activities for traffic engineering functions such as Work zone control plans, traffic signal designs, pavement marking designs, geometric designs, traffic impact studies, trip generation, capacity analyses, accident analyses, construction management, construction inspection, etc.

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Gary Gil

Traffic Signal Inspector

Scour Monitor Inspector, Boswell Engineering

Inspect installation of scour monitors at Robert Moses Causeway over Fire Island Inlet, Meadowbrook Parkway over False Channel and over Fundy Channel.

Traffic Signal Inspector, Nelson and Pope

Inspect the construction and installation of red light cameras at various locations in Suffolk County.

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