Schneider Engineering, PLLC Delivers on
Civil Engineering Services

From traffic and site engineering to transportation and forensic engineering, the experienced team at Schneider Engineering, PLLC can help you.  Browse this page to find out more about the services Schneider Engineering, PLLC has to offer.

Traffic Engineering

These are the traffic mitigation and road improvement specialties of Schneider Engineering, PLLC. They include traffic impact studies, site design, traffic signal design for improved traffic flow and traffic safety. Design of roadway and paving improvements. Design and layouts of roadway drainage projects and improvements, sanitary systems, engineering analysis. Traffic and highway engineering including zoning studies, parking design, and highway construction and maintenance.

  • Traffic impact studies
  • Site Design
  • Traffic signal design for improved traffic flow and traffic safety
  • Design of roadway improvements
  • Design of paving improvements
  • Roadway drainage design and layout
  • Sanitary system design
  • Engineering analyses
  • Traffic and highway engineering
  • Zoning studies
  • Parking designs
  • Design, construction and maintenance of highways

Schneider Engineering, PLLC provides a variety of transportation related services to both municipal and private clients. These services include area-wide studies, emergency route planning, transit route planning, and event planning and design.

Site Engineering and Land Development

Schneider Engineering, PLLC provides a variety of services for the unique and constantly changing world of site engineering and land development. We can provide design and planning services for residential, retail, industrial, and institutional facilities including site master planning, storm water detention and treatment, sanitary system design, utilities and traffic impact analysis.

  • Army Corps Permits
  • Contact Document Preparation
  • Cost Estimation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Parking Design
  • Residential and Commercial Site Design Preparation / Review
  • Sanitary System Analysis and Design
  • Site Analysis
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Utility Design
  • Variance Applications
  • Wetland Permits
  • Zoning Compliance / Hearings

Forensic Engineering

Our engineering firm is recognized by leading law firms, towns, counties, and states as traffic safety experts. We have been involved in high profile cases, where our expert review and evaluation of road design and accidents analysis and reconstruction has been utilized to determine where failure resulted.

  • Traffic accident and reconstruction analysis
  • Sight line review
  • Signal timing review
  • Evaluation of roadway safety
  • Traffic pavement marking and signage design review
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicyclist/motorcyclist accidents
  • Evaluation and review of building codes
  • Construction site review

Municipal Engineering

Schneider Engineering, PLLC has wide experience in providing traditional services to various levels of local government including highway and road design, parking field design, drainage studies and design, lighting design, expert testimony and construction inspection.

We offer rapid response to problems of any size utilizing the latest advances in technology to provide our clients with a high degree of flexibility and quality in the services they require.

  • Construction inspection
  • Drainage design and analysis
  • Highway and road design
  • Mapping / GIS services
  • Pavement management
  • Recreational facility design
  • SEQR Analysis
  • Site plan review
  • Street lighting design
  • Traffic control device analysis / design
  • Traffic impact analysis

Civil Engineering

Schneider Engineering, PLLC can assist with all aspects of design or redesign of commercial and residential sites during initial construction or redevelopment.

  • Design/Redesign of: Parking, Drainage, Lighting, Landscaping, Curbs and sidewalks, and Landfills
  • Storm and sanitary sewer design
  • Field inspection of on-site drainage and paving
  • Design/Redesign of: Parking, Drainage, Lighting, Landscaping, Curbs and sidewalks, and Landfills
  • Plans and specifications for commercial building construction including site work
  • Development/review of site plans for code and regulation compliance and efficiency of operation
  • Project coordination
  • Construction inspection

Real Property Acquisition

Schneider Engineering provides services to both public agencies and private property owners to help determine the effect of property acquisition on their physical property and comparing the pre-and post-condemnation evaluation. We have been accepted by all courts in this field.

  • Condemnation Impact Studies
  • Cost to cure analysis
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Evaluation of Hypothetical Land Uses
  • Expert Testimony
  • Zoning Compliance Analysis

Environmental Engineering

Schneider Engineering, PLLC provides a variety of environmental engineering, planning, and design services. We can assist in the coordination of all of these areas. Also as consultants to various municipalities, we can assist in the SEQR process reviewing required reports and documents.

  • Air quality Studies
  • Army Corps Permits
  • Expert Testimony
  • Sanitary System Analysis and Design Review and Preparation
  • SEQR Document Review
  • SPDES Permitting
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Wastewater Permits
  • Wetland Permitting